The electric cigarettes as the helping aid

Every other smoker thinks that there is no one else in the world who smokes more than me, and I was one of them. I took these meaningless things and adopted them in my life just to be portrayed as cool in the school. Even my friends were indulged in smoking so I never thought that what we are doing might just destroy or lives. If it was not for electric cigarettes I would have died due to cancer, they made me quit tobacco and also provided a proper path.

• What I used to be?

My father was a chain smoker and I grew up seeing him smoking cigarettes after cigarettes and enjoying it. When I turned eleven checking my father’s coat to get few dog ends of cigarettes was a thing I used to do daily. At first I just used to imitate what my dad used to do with these cigarettes but then this imitation actually turned into the real deal, by the time I was fourteen I already had become a chain smoker. I lost my dad and my mother was the only source of income our house had but things were not going to be easy as I was not ready to get straight.

• Life without a father

Living a life without a father and having just a single parent gets really frustrating and when things were not optimal for me, they were worst for my mother. She came to know about my addiction and how the money she earned was being channelized in here. My mother was afraid to lose me too just cause of these cigarettes, which recently took her husband. When all the hopes were not so bright, my mother managed some money and after consulting a doctor bought me an electric cigarette.

• The electric cigarettes pulled me through

Eventually I started using that electric cigarette my mother bought me, as she had very high hopes from this device. If that cigarette is to be described in two words I would say it was a want to be cigarette. It ran on a portable battery and had liquid nicotine filled in cartridges. There are many flavours available for the liquid nicotine and it is quite cheap to be purchased over the internet. I found even easier ones to use at

I have quit smoking and am still living with my mother. I help her in some chores and finally completing my education. Electric cigarettes have really changed my life and are sure it can change yours too, just be brave and give it a chance to work.

Sowing of evil

There was a sigh of relief amongst the students as the clock struck 10 p.m. The night study hours were over for the day and for some that meant they could just jump to their beds. For others, it meant they could use the lights outside the bathroom side corridor for further studies. Not that they were total nerdy scholars. But it was that period, when everyone wanted to make their way into the IITs. Yes, that was higher secondary time for us. The competition was fierce and every moment was utilized in reading a little extra. But there was me and my group of peers, an exception to the egghead category of folks. For us, 10 p.m. meant we could use the night for our chit chats. Classroom was our sleeping den and study hours our sleeping time. We had gathered in the corridor and the tales started. We talked about every topic possible. Many would just fancy about the thought of having a girlfriend when they join college. Ours was a non-co-ed hostel sadly. Time had ticked to 2 a.m. and there came Saurav with a cigarette in his hand. The coordinators and guards who looked after maintaining the discipline and decorum of the hostel had gone to sleep. “Care for a puff”, he asked us. It was a blessing for all and there was no reluctance shown to the generous offer. Then he asked us if anyone wanted to join him for a joint of whitener and spirit. He would soak spirit on a handkerchief and inhale it. He told that it gave immense pleasure and relieved the head of tensions and anxieties. We refused to him politely not wanting to sound rude after he had generously offered a cigarette. Cigarette was one thing and spirit was another. Saurav left us shortly but his idea had tainted our minds and there were second thoughts about it. However, we refrained ourselves from doing so.
The next day during study hour, we met & decided to give spirit a go. We went to Saurav to discuss the same. Saurav was quite delighted by this and presented the idea of trying something new, the “electronic cigarette liquid” in place of spirit. As we were smokers, it would be the perfect thing for us. Intrigued by his proposal, it was decided that during our next outing the e cigarette liquid will be bought; and we dispersed.

Reaping of the evil

Sunday came, and with it came our new friend. We had our new partner in crime, the e cigarette liquid, which was supposed to give us immense pleasure. We waited till the guards were off guard and the other students off to their beds as we didn’t want to risk our first experience by getting into any kind of trouble with the others. For many it was a taboo. Quietness had spread all around and we knew it was the precise moment to execute our plan. The five of us, including Saurav gathered outside the bathroom corridor. Saurav being the veteran amongst the rookies took over the situation. We placed our respective handkerchiefs and Saurav soaked them with the liquid. The next step was to cover our mouths and nose with the handkerchief and inhale as deeply as we could with all our might. We imitated Saurav. The first shot sent chills down my spine. My head spun for a moment and suddenly I felt lighter. It was as if I had lost weight. I took as much as I could. But for a beginner it was too much. My head started to pain and I felt dizzy. It was the most uncomfortable feeling and I felt I was about to fall. It was the last thing I could remember. I woke up the next day being informed by my partners that I had passed out last night. Luckily no one else other than my pals came to know. My head still felt a little dizzy and all that was running through my mind was “Say no to drugs”.

Smoking on batteries

We human beings fall prey to addiction very easily and the most common addiction people regardless of any age group are the smoking cigarettes. Even I was a chain smoker but not by choice, the addiction of nicotine made me do things I never wanted to do. The alternates like nicotine patches and gums containing nicotine worked for me but this was just a temporary change. I moved back to cigarettes may be because I used to miss smoking that cylindrical object.

• The earlier life

I was a high school student when all this act of smoking cigarettes started and peer pressure was my reason to get into this. Within no time I turned to be a two packet a day man and couldn’t think about my life without smoking cigarettes. It even broke me financially as whatever pocket money my parents used to give to me, I used to spend it on buying cigarettes and soon enough the pocket money was not enough to keep things going smoothly.
Since the pocket money was not sufficient I took cash from other kids around the block and later I found myself in some serious debt. I knew that this smoking habit is going to ruin me but I just couldn’t do anything about it. After sometime my parents got to know about my smoking habits, paid my debt and set me up with some rehab centre in the town.

• The journey to the rehab

The rehab is a place where disorders, habits or addictions are taken care of and the patient is expected to stop doing things he is not supposed to. The professional present at the rehab and attending me observed that it would not be easy for me to quit smoking. They tried shifting my addiction to the nicotine patches and gums to check if it was tobacco or nicotine that I was addicted to. These alternatives were working fine for me but then eventually the urge to smoke cigarettes was again there.

Later they figured that it was not just nicotine that became my addiction but inhaling nicotine from any cylindrical object was my addiction. The advancement in technology was in its initial phase when I still was trying hard in the rehab to quit smoking and hence there was no other such alternative.

• The helping hand of electric cigarettes

As I have already penned down that the advancement in the technology was only at its starting phase and the introduction to electric cigarettes were going to change lives. An electric cigarette is a device which looks exactly like a real cigarette and even functions like a real thing. The main purpose of this device was to give the addicts the experience of smoking without the involvement of tobacco. It uses the cartridges of liquid nicotine and a small portable battery to smoke up the liquid.
I have healed to a greater extent just because of the use of electric cigarettes, the initial investment was a bit high for me but I have saved a lot of money by not smoking cigarettes bought by them.